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Reschedule Policy

How to reschedule course and exams

Rescheduling course and exams:

Re-scheduling courses or exams less than 20 working days before the course start date is not permitted.

If the Re-scheduling is made more than 20 working days in advance of the course a Re-scheduling admin fee of £299 per delegate will be payable upon Re-scheduling.

Deferring of Practitioner Examinations:

Upon commencement of the training course, Harrybaker Training and Consulting Ltd accepts that occasionally an individual delegate may wish to for personal reasons; defer a practitioner examination to a later date.

In this case, the delegate will be subject to a rescheduled exam fee of £299 and must reschedule the examination within 20 working days of the original exam date, subject to availability.

We do not allow the deferral of foundation examinations. Delegates must inform Harrybaker Training and Consulting Ltd of the deferral at least 24hours in advance of the original exam time.