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The following websites are run and owned by Harrybaker Training and Consulting Limited UK:

www.certifycheap.com (global online training)

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www.itil-training.co.uk (ITIL website)

HARRYBAKER Training and Consulting is a “Best Management Practice” training organization in IT Service Management (ITSM), Project, Programme, Portfolio and Risk Management (P3RM).

We offer a wide range of customized training and competency development for organizations and individual globally.

We work directly with heads of corporations, business units, and PMOs to ensure that training programs are fully aligned with our clients’ business objectives.

We build capability by giving our clients the knowledge and skills to realise the benefits of organizational change through the delivery of practical and workable solutions that can be applied to all new programme, project and change initiatives.

Our Services

Instructor-led classroom training is available for candidates in the UK for all our courses. Courses are taught by instructors with vast experience in both training and as practitioners.

For ITIL classroom training, please visit our dedicated ITIL website

For PRINCE2 classroom training, please visit our dedicated PRINCE2 website

Candidate who opt for our instructor-led training will have access to the following:

90-day eLearning access

Precourse materials

Course manuals

Course training materials

Templates that can be used in life environment that relate to the course

Global certification exams (if course includes exam)

Apart from traditional classroom training that we offer, candidates who want to study at their own pace can achieve that with our self-paced eLearning courses.

Our eLearning can be accessed both offline (for people in the UK) and online from any part of the world.

Apart from self-paced eLearning, candidates also have the opportunity of joining our instructed-led classroom training from ant part of the world.

To learn more about how this work, please visit our online training website

We are aware that there is a thin line between certification and having the skills to excel at doing something. It is out of this reality that we came up with our practical training to equip you with the right skills to get the job done.

As the name suggest, the training is more concerned about doing rather than passing a particular exam. This is why the training is handled by people who do this job on a daily basis.

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As an Accredited Training Organisation, we are authorized to conduct training and also supervise some of the exams on behalf of the examination body (APMG).

Candidates who opt for our classroom training will be able to sit exams at the training venue.

Candidates from any part of the world can enrol for online exam through us:

Go to our online exam page

Corporate eLearning Licence

We have developed a range of eLearning contents in areas such as Project Management, IT Service Management, Risk Management and Programme Management. Year in, year our; organisations spend millions of pound on training. With our corporate eLearning licence, organisations can now reduce theirs training cost by 90%.

Our eLearning corporate Licence allows you to make just a little financial commitment and your staff will have access to our eLearning for a period of time (at least for a year).

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Corporate Custom eLearning

Having displayed our eLearning development prowess over the years, we can also help develop eLearning contents that meet your specific requirements. The approach we take in developing eLearning contents is in conformity with world’s best pratices.

In develping a custom eLearning, we initially try to understand what is it that you want to achieve with the course you are building. From this, we can go on to talk about how it will work.

After this, we can talk about the deployment process

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Corporate classroom learning

We strive to ensure that organisations’ goals and training their staff are in congruence. We work with organisations to know their requirements before we recommend the best courses that can help them achieve theirs goals. We conduct onsite training

Apart from customized training, organisations can also join our public classes and enjoy fantastic discount on our courses.

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CEOs who fail to meet their company’s strategic goals often do so not because their vision is flawed. But because they are unable to implement that vision effectively. Business success is not measured by the executive team’s ability to dream up a winning strategy, it’s measured by their ability to deliver that strategy.



At HARRYBAKER Professionals, we are clear there is no such thing as an off-the-shelf solution. We understand that every organisation, business and industry sector is unique and that every project or programme designed to transform it will require a specific and tailored approach. Our success formula is based on listening to individual client needs and, from this, building an effective solution framework. It is your business and we believe in providing the complementary skills, approach and tools to deliver your objectives while ensuring you retain control. We focus on delivering successful outcomes whilst leaving a legacy of transferred skills and enhanced capability. We believe success in business is built on relationships which are founded on trust, clear lines of communication and co-ordinated action. As a result, we continue to enjoy repeat business from satisfied clients who endorse our world-class reputation by getting us to do what we do best – deliver business success.

As a leading specialist project and programme management consultancy, HARRYBAKER Professionals leads the way in providing a comprehensive range of services focused on ensuring your transformation strategy is delivered efficiently and effectively. Requirements can change depending on the scope of your initiative, the current life stage or any number of variables. Indeed, in our eyes, every project and programme has different challenges and will require a unique approach. Whether it’s mobilizing a project team, taking a project global or rescuing one in trouble, our experienced consultants have the widest range of knowledge and skills to ensure your success.

Our project and programme management services span:

Building a project management capability within an organisation is becoming increasingly important as businesses strive to increase the rate of return on what seems like continually reducing investment. Unfortunately, standard or ‘off-the-shelf’ project management training packages often fail to deliver the anticipated benefits. Project Management Capability Development needs to be structured around providing the insights, tools, techniques and case studies, but more importantly, it must also include practical and powerful coaching, mentoring and delivery methods.

All businesses embark on major projects at some stage in the business lifecycle. This may be an organisational re-structure, the development of a new IT system, or even the acquisition and subsequent integration of another company. Project or Programme Design & Mobilisation is the process that takes such a business proposal, concept or goal and turns it into a tangible project to deliver the business objectives. It is the most critical stage in any project or programme – if design parameters are flawed, the project will be doomed to failure.

Businesses can create enormous advantage and shareholder value by turning revenue-generating ideas into reality. By putting the right people, tools and techniques in place and being accountable for delivery, we ensure business benefits realisation.

A high performance Project, Programme or Portfolio Management Office (PMO) should act as the nerve centre for delivering complex change. It should also seek to deliver real value to the business way beyond just being a passive reporting mechanism. As a result, senior management will develop trust in the team and build confidence in a programme’s progress and its future ability to deliver meaningful business benefits. HARRYBAKER Professionals’ core competency lies in managing and delivering successful change programmes, from operational performance improvement to IT implementation. At the heart of this is the PMO function which provides industry best practice support for governance, reporting, assurance and controls. We deploy specialist consultants backed up by an extensive tool set all from an organisation that has implemented this successfully hundreds of times in many industries and countries.

In most organisations, the demand for project work far exceeds the capacity to deliver it. Project Portfolio Optimisation is the process which establishes and maintains the optimal balance between the projects, their constraints and the overarching business strategy. It allows informed decisions to be made on the composition of a business’ portfolio of programmes, projects and initiatives

Successful project delivery is critical to the well being of any organisation. Project success is achieved through confidence in the health of a project and through being able to anticipate potential issues early enough to act on them. However, project sponsors, managers and the project team are often so involved in the day-to-day activities that they fail to acknowledge the true status of a project. Risks and issues go undetected or are ignored simply because the project team has blind faith that the benefits will materialise, or because they are so involved in the daily operational detail that they can’t see the big picture.

Projects can fail. Large scale, complex or high-risk projects are the most likely victims. The consequences for organisations can be disastrous – hitting bottom line results, damaging reputation in the market place and diminishing shareholder value. The problem is that most businesses either do not recognise the symptoms of failure early enough, or do not know what actions to take to recover or even salvage a failing project. Project Rescue drives rapid recovery action to turnaround the expected outcome of a project.

Project Management Outsourcing is a refreshing approach to provide our clients with access to professional project management expertise, as and when needed, whilst being able to grow and retain their internal capability to an optimal level. Because of our long term commitment to our clients, we offer them the flexibility of being able to ramp up project resources when necessary, while leaving their organisation richer by having access to our vast project expertise.

Increased Business Value through Better Decision Making When it comes to selecting and executing projects and programmes, decades of research and experience prove what successful business leaders already know instinctively: investment in activities that do not clearly align with corporate strategy is money wasted. In the current economic climate, where both cash and resources are severely on strained, being able to understand and act on this is more important than ever. Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) therefore has gained significant visibility in management strategy.

To compete in the international marketplace, modern organisations have to orchestrate globally-distributed design, marketing, manufacturing, sales and logistics – both their own activities and those of their partners. Increasingly, managers in such companies must work globally, leading international teams and often calling upon expertise from all corners of the world. To gain competitive advantage, successful companies adapt to market forces swiftly across all the regions in which they operate.

Our Mission

Our mission is to Pursue every Purpose in our chosen market with Passion and Professionalism, working in Partnership for the best Possible Performance.

Our Vision

Our vision is to simplify and make learning fun. We aim to do this through the development of a range of digital learning products and innovative classroom teaching styles.

Our Value

We strongly believe in knowledge sharing and this is clearly reflected in our approach to training, as we go beyond preparing you for exams.